Tamil Club:

The Tamil club aims at creating a love for the language and a passion to acquire higher order skills such as creative communication through the media of prose, poetry, drama etc. They learn to appreciate Tamil history and culture well through this club.

English Club:

An English Club was set up to increase the awareness and skills of students in the English Club. The students participated actively in all the events. The club helped in increasing the interest of students in the English Language. It also introduced them to new ideas and concepts.


Maths Club:

Mathematics is described as "The Queen of the science and the King of Arts". Maths club provides a platform for the students to enrich and discover the elegance of the subject. Another aspect of doing mathematics involves creativity and imagination.

Science Club:

We learn and remember things better if we do it practice rather than just read them. This basic principal is involved in the formation of organization called "Science Club" meant for learning by doing. Self expression independent research, Constructive activities etc are some of the opportunities provided by the science club. In science teaching process laboratory is considered as heart of science, curriculum whereas science club is considered as the blood of it.

Social Club:

Social Club is a subject which offers a systematic study of Human in relation to this society. It gives functional knowledge of history, Geography, Economics, Civics etc.